Metric to U.S. / U.S. to Metric

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 3PL  3rd Party Logistics  ?????
 4PL  4th Party Logistics  ?????
 4SC  4-High Straddle Carrier  ????????
 AMS  Automated Manifest System  ????????
 API  Application Programming Interface  ??????
 AS/RS  Automated Storage and Retrieval System  ???????
 AWB  Air Waybill  ????
 B2B  Business to Business  ??????????
 B2C  Business to Customer  ??????????
 BAF  Bunker Adjustment Factor  ?????
 B/B  Break Bulk  ????
 BCO  Beneficial Cargo Owner  ???????
 BIMCO  The Baltic and International Maritime Council  ??????????
 B/L  Bill of Lading  ????
 BPO  Business Process Outsourcing  ??????
 CAF  Currency Adjustment Factor  ?????
 CBM  Cubic Metre  ???
 CC  Carbon Copy  ??
 CDMA  Code Division Multiple Access  ??????
 CEP  Courier, Express, Parcel  ??????
 CEPA  Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement  ?????????
 C&F  Cost and Freight  ?????
 CFS  Container Freight Station  ????????
 CGI  Common Gateway Interface  CGI ??
 CIF  Cost, Insurance and Freight  ??????????
 CILT  The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport  ??????????
 CIM  The Chartered Institute of Marketing  ????????
 CIP  Carriage and Insurance Paid To  ??????????
 CLP  Container Load Plan  ???/?????
 C/O  Certificate of Origin  ?????
 C.O.C.  Carrier’s Own Container  ???????
 C.O.D.  Cash On Delivery  ????
 COFC  Container-on-flatcar  ?????
 CPT  Carriage Paid To  ??????
 CSC  International Convention for Safe Container  ??????????
 CSI  Container Securtiy Intiative  ???????
 CY  Container Yard  ?????
 D/A  Document Against Acceptance  ????
 DAF  Delivered at Frontier  ????
 DDC  Destination Delivery Charge  ??????
 DDP  Delivered Duty Paid  ?????
 DDU  Delivered Duty Unpaid  ?????
 DEQ  Delivered Ex-Quay  ????????
 DES  Delivered Ex-Ship  ????????
 D.G.  Dangerous Goods  ?????
 D/O  Delivery Order  ???
 D/P  Document Against Payment  ????
 DPP  Damage Protection Plan  ???????
 D/R  Dock Receipt  ????
 DRP  Distribution Resources Planning  ??????
 EDI  Electronic Data  Interchange  ??????
 E.&O.E.  Errors and Omissions Excepted  ?????????
 ERM  Enterprise Resources Management  ??????
 ERP  Enterprise Resources Planning  ??????
 ETA  Estimated Time of Arrival  ??????
 ETD  Estimated Time of Departure  ??????
 EXW  Ex-Works  ????
 FAF  Fuel Adjustment Factor  ?????
 FAK  Freight All Kinds  ????
 FAS  Free Alongside Ship  ????
 FB/L  FIATA Combined Transport Bill of Lading  ???????????
 FCL  Full Container Load  ????
 FCR  Forwarder’s Cargo Receipt  ????????
 FEU  Forty Feet Equivalent Unit  40???????????
 F.I.  Free In  ????????
 FIATA  International Federation of Forwarding Agent Associations  ???????????
 FIFO  First-in,  First-out  ????????????
 F.I.O.  Free In and Out  ????????
 FIOST  Free In, Out, Stowed & Trimmed  ??????????????????
 FMC  Federal Maritime Commission  ?????????
 F.O.  Free Out  ?????????
 FOB  Free On Board  ????
 F.O.R.  Free On Rail  ?????
 F.O.T.  Free On Truck  ?????
 F/R  Flat Rack Container  ?????
 FRC  Fuel Recovery Charge  ?????
 FTP  File Transfer Protocol  ??????
 FTZ  Free Trade Zones  ?????
 GDP  Gross Domestic Product  ??????
 GRI  General Rate Increase  ??????
 GSA  General Sales Agent  ?????
 GSC  Global Supply Chain  ?????
 G.WT .  Gross Weight  ??
 HAFFA  HAFFAHong Kong  Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics Ltd.  ?????????????
 HAWB  House Air Waybill  ???????
 H/H  Half Height Container  ?????
 IADA  Intra Asia Discussion Agreement  ???????????
 I.A. Rates  Independent Action Rates  ??????
 IATA  International Air Transport Association  ????????
 IBC  Intermediate Bulk Container  ???????
 ICAO  International Civil Aviation Organization  ????????
 ICC  International Chamber of Commerce  ????
 ICT  Information and Communications Technology  ???????
 IMDG  International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code  ?????????
 IMO  International Maritime Organization  ??????
 Incoterms  International Commercial Terms  ??????
 IP  Internet Protocol  ???????
 IPI  Interior Point Intermodal  ??????????
 IRA  Informal Rate Agreement  ???????
 ISDN  Integrated Server Digital Network  ????????????
 ISO  International Standard Organization  ???????
 ISP  Internet Service Provider  ?????
 ISPS  International Ship and Port Facility Security  ?????????????
 LAN  Local Area Networking  ?????
 LASH  Ligther Aboard Ship  ??????
 L/C  Letter of Credit  ???
 LCL  Less (than) Container Load  ????
 L/G  Letter of Guarantee  ??
 L.I.  Liner Inward  ????
 LILO  Last-In, Last-Out  ????????????
 L.I.O.  Liner In and Out  ???????,??????
 LNG  Liquefied Natural Gas  ?????
 L.O.A.  Length Overall  ??
 Lo-Lo ship  Lift-on Lift-off Ship  ???
 LPG  Liquefied Petroleum Gas  ?????
 LT  (Lead Time) Time between placing and receiving an order  ????????
 LTL  Less-Than-Truckload  ????
 MAWB  Master Air Waybill  ????
 MLO  Main Line Operators  ?????
 MRP  Material Requirements Planning  ??????
 M/S  Motor Ship  ??
 MSDS  Material Safety Data Sheet  ???????
 MTO  Multimode Transport Operator  ???
 N/A  Not Applicable/Not Available  ???????
 NAP  Network Access Point  ?????
 N.O.E.  Not Otherwise Enumerated  ??????
 N.O.S.  Not Otherwise Specified  ??????
 NVOCC  Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier  ????????
 OCP  Overland Common Point  ???????
 OEM  Original Equipment Manufacturer  ???
 O/H  Over Height  ??????
 ORC  Origin Receiving Charge  ??????
 O/S  Open Side Container  ?????
 O/T  Open Top Container  ?????
 O/W  Over Width  ??????
 PCS  Port Congestion Surcharge  ???????
 P & I Club  Protection and Indemnity Club  ???????
 POD  Port of Discharge  ???
 POL  Port of Loading  ???
 POP  Point of Presence  ????
 PPP  Point-to-Point Protocol  ??????
 PRD  Pearl River Delta  ?????
 PSS  Peak Season Surcharge  ?????
 RF  Reefer Container  ?????
 RFP  Request for Proposal  ??????
 RFQ  Request for Quotation  ??????
 RFRC  Rail Fuel Recovery Charge  ????????
 Ro-Ro ship  Roll-on Roll-off Ship  ???
 RRS  Rate Restoration Surcharge  ???????
 R/T  Revenue Tons  ???
 SAN  Storage Area Network  ????
 SET  Secure Electronic Transaction  ??????
 SKU  Stock Keeping Unit  ??????
 SME  Small and Medium-size Enterprises  ??????
 S/O / S/I  Shipping Order / Shipping Instruction  ????? / ???
 S.O.C.  Shipper’s Own Container  ???????
 SQL  Structure Query Language  ?????
 S/S  Steamship  ??;??
 SSL  Secure Socket Layer  ?????
 S.T.C.  Said To Contain  ????
 TACA  Transatlantic Conference Agreement  ????????
 TCP  Transmission Control Protocol  ??????
 TEU  Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit  20???????????
 T.H.C.  Terminal Handling Charge  ?????
 TMS  Transportation Management System  ??????
 TOFC  Trailer-On-Flatcar  ???????
 TQC  Total Quality Control  ??????
 TQM  Total Quality Management  ??????
 T.R.S.  Terminal Receiving Station  ?????
 TSA  Transpacific Stabilization Agreement  ????????
 TT  Telegraphic Transfer  ??
 TVC  Time Volume Contract  ??????
 TWRA  Transpacific Westbound Rate Agreement  ??????????
 UCP500  Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits  ????????????
 ULCC  Ultra Large Crude Carrier  50????
 UNCTAD  United Nations Conference of Trade and Development  ???????
 V.A.T.  Value Added Tax  ???
 VLCC  Very Large Crude Carrier  20????
 VMI  Vendor Managed Inventory  ??????????
 VOC  Vessel Operating Carrier  ?????
 V.O.W.  Vehicle On Wheel  ??????
 VPN  Virtual Private Network  ????
 VSL  Vessel  ??
 WAP  Wireless Application Protocol  ????????
 WCS  Wireless Communications Service  ??????
 WMS  Warehouse Management System  ??????
 W.R.  War Risks  ??
 WTO  World Trade Organization  ??????
 W.W.  Warehouse Warrant  ??
 YAS  Yen Appreciate Surcharge  ?????


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