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A Flexitank or Flexibag is a bladder used for the bulk shipments of non-hazardous materials and is manufactured of four inner liners made of polyethylene (PE) and an outer layer of polypropylene. These bladders range from a capacity of 16,000 to 24,000 liters and are made to be used inside a standard 20’ ISO container. Manufactured for single use, Flexitanks are a cost effective means of moving products such as chemicals, latex, wines, oils and juices.

Installation of a Flexitank takes 20-30 minutes.Once installation has been completed, it is merely a matter of connecting hoses to the Flexitank, then turning on a pump to commence loading. Depending on the viscosity of the product, loading can take as little as 45 – 60 minutes. Once loading has been completed, the container with loaded Flexitank within can be transported by road, rail or ocean.

The overall benefits of using a Flexitank are that they are cost effective when compared to transport of goods in ISO tank containers, IBCs and/or drums:

  1. Simple installation and disposal
  2. Light weight structure
  3. Food grade material
  4. Specially designed for bulk liquid transportation
  5. Significant saving on logistic cost in comparison to tank-container
  6. Significant saving over 30% – 40% in comparison to other packaging method such as drum and IBC
  7. Elimination of container cleaning cost as it is a disposable product
  8. Reduce the risk of contamination in comparison to other packaging method
  9. Compatible with any mode of transportation
  10. Compatible with almost all food grade product

* At the moment, we supply 05 types of Flexitank as below:

  1. Top Load/ Top Discharge valve (Top Center)
  2. Top Load/ Top Discharge valve (Top Center) with automatic airvent valve.
  3. Top Load/ Bottom Discharge valve (Top Bottom)
  4. Bottom Load / Bottom Discharge valve (Bottom Bottom)
  5. Bottom Load / Bottom Discharge valve (Bottom Bottom) with automatic airvent valve.

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Certificates, please click here: Flexitank Agent COA 2020

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