Air Freight

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With the development of transportation industry, the Air Freight Services was born and has developed rapidly for years. We apprehend that the speed is the most important factor in air field requiring the perfect service with no mistake. So, most skilled & disciplined staffs from Hung Dong are allocated to Air Department to offer you the most effective solutions. We provide air transport services from all locations around the world. We help you to expand the world market, and put the entire planet become reachable. We ensure the goods are safe and timely delivered, regardless of the locations.

We have operated all kinds of commodities for instances, GENERAL CARGO (such as GARMENTS, FOOTWEAR, FURNITURE AND HANDICRAFT) and FREOZEN / FRESH FOOD as well as DANGEROUS GOODS. We have clear policies in establishing our strong relationships with airliners based on each of airline’s competences such as rate, space, capacity in both low and peak seasons, we select the best fit to our clients’ demand.


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